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  Helium balloon [65]  
  replica [31]  
  Cartoon  [49]
  Helium blimp [15]  
  Slide [160]  
  bouncer [229]  
  tent&tunnel  [43]
  arch  [43]
  skydancer  [37]
  Climbing  [16]
  Sporting  [27]
  Festival  [14]
  obstacle  [58]
  Beachball  [11]
  Blower  [16]
  fittings  [10]
  PVC inflatable toys  
  1. Important News will be showed on the square blue background. When nouse hang on the square, the moving letters will be still for see. When mouse be away, the letters will keep moving.
  2. About web member qulification , when you registerd, your member qualification should not be approved automatically. it need us to approved by us. We will not approved all of memeber quaklification that registered at our website.
       Normally we only approved current our customers and some potential customers.
  3. If you forget your password, you can click to forgot password button, to put in your question and answer, to get your password, or email to receive your password.
  4. The price on the webite should not be final price that we deal. We are difficult to list the prosper price based on quantity you ordered. So when submit the quantitied order, we will cofirm the discount by email. Any order will be confirmed by email.
       When you make order,Please click add to cart, there you can change the quantity by click change quantity. When you finish the order, please click go cashier.You and we will receive email for notification.
  5. About search engine, you can choose to search by item number, or name (category), price range , and in stock.  We will keep to update what items in stock for quick shipment.
  6. The video screen show a default item, you can click bettom small picture of item, the video screen will show what video you want accordingly.
  7. You can leave message on the message page. You can have thanks or complaints, or urgent something to there. We will have salesman to watch there all time.
  8. On the products category,please click the category, it will spread more Sub category.
  9. You can online talk with our salesman who is online at our floating online service panel.
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