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  Helium balloon [65]  
  replica [31]  
  Cartoon  [49]
  Helium blimp [15]  
  Slide [160]  
  bouncer [229]  
  tent&tunnel  [43]
  arch  [43]
  skydancer  [37]
  Climbing  [16]
  Sporting  [27]
  Festival  [14]
  obstacle  [58]
  Beachball  [11]
  Blower  [16]
  fittings  [10]
  PVC inflatable toys  

01:Why I registered, but can not see the price.
   When you registered, one email will send to you and us. After we approved your account qualification
   you just can see the price.

02:How we can search what we want quickly?
   About searching, we have assorted products by style. Click by category, you can see different sort
   of products. You also can search products by name, model number and keywords. Also you can search
   stocked products.

03:Accurate price on the website?
   No. Any website is difficult to adjust accurate price in time, specially in very lot of items. The
   price is also based on quantity and lead time. So the final price will be confirmed by email again.

04:Why I can not post a message and read the message.
   After you are our approved member, you can see it, and respond any topic messages.
05:Why I can not add model to my cart, and send orders form.
   After you are our approved member, you just can do it.
06:I lost my account and password.
   If you lost your password, please click ''forgot password. On the new page, you should fill question
   and answer that when you registered, you password will be sent to your emailbox.
   If I lost my account and password, Please email us by the emailbox that you registered.

07:I can transfer the deposit first, then transfer balance when I see pictures that finished.
   Yes. But we expect the deposit as 50% if small orders. If big orders, it can be 30%.What more quick
   shipment, transferring balance will cause shipment delayed, because transfer will be about 3 days.
08:Do you have some customer that you sold to, that we can consult your reputation of quality and
   leadtime and service?
   Probably yes, probably not. Faith should be more important.
09:Very urgent order?
   Could you like to pay a little more for our workers for overtime salary?
10:Can you accept D/P or credit card?
   No currently. Probably It will be someday.
11:Could you accept to pay by L/C?
   If you have big orders to us, it is yes, but It should be irrevocable Documentary L/C at sight.
12:Why you respond us the price not quick enough?
   When you email item for price, please have detailed requirements to us, as layout, color, logo, 
   dimension, material, quantity, lead time.
13:What artwork or Logo format do you want best?
   EPS, CDR, AI, DWG, FH+.
14:My requirements is similar with one item on your website.
   This is fast way that you can get rough idea about the closed price, avoid much communication for 

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