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Product Category
  Helium balloon [65]  
  replica [31]  
  Cartoon  [49]
  Helium blimp [15]  
  Slide [160]  
  bouncer [229]  
  tent&tunnel  [43]
  arch  [43]
  skydancer  [37]
  Climbing  [16]
  Sporting  [27]
  Festival  [14]
  obstacle  [58]
  Beachball  [11]
  Blower  [16]
  fittings  [10]
  PVC inflatable toys  
Product Description
Model:  FBB046 flower balloon
description:  Christams flower balloon
Size:  3M Dia after inflated
Weight:  6.7kgs
Price:  negotiate
Material:  0.17mm PVC (EN71)
Discount:   0%
Min Order:  10
Inventory:  0
Lead Time:  7 days after the receipt of order
Delivery Fee:  Depends on quantity by UPS or LCL
Payment:  by T/T, Paypal, West Union

Helium balloon with logo printed

logo printed
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