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Product Category
  Helium balloon [65]  
  replica [31]  
  Cartoon  [49]
  Helium blimp [15]  
  Slide [160]  
  bouncer [229]  
  tent&tunnel  [43]
  arch  [43]
  skydancer  [37]
  Climbing  [16]
  Sporting  [27]
  Festival  [14]
  obstacle  [58]
  Beachball  [11]
  Blower  [16]
  fittings  [10]
  PVC inflatable toys  
  1. 1:For every pcs products, we do stick QC job.
  2. We check the material quality when material arrive at our workshop. When in production, we have QC check on the production line.
    When finished the products, we fill the products, and test them for over 14 hours. Before packaging and shipment, we do QC job again.
  3. For special packaging and remarks, buyer should tell us when they place order. If delayed before shipment date, the delivery time will be delayed.
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